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Origin:  San Jose, CA


Genres:  Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Soul


Years Active:  2006 - Present


Former Labels:  Warner Bros. (US) / Capitol (US)





Jesse Lives

In a place where Swag and Hyphy defined a location, San Jose California native, JESSE LIVES is abolishing the stereotypical mold of Bay Area music bringing a certain class of wordplay, lyricism, and thoughts over a diverse selection of music. JESSE LIVES is very different from the usual Hip-Hop/Rap suspects as he brandishes a sound that is completely refreshing, undeniably different, and very innovative. JESSE combines modern music elements along with classic Hip-Hop/Rap ideology to bring something completely different to the ears, yet familiar at the same time. JESSE's music career began in 2006 with a promise he made to his younger brother two days before he was wrongfully murdered by police. So its safe to say that his motivation is bigger than hip hop. The one thing JESSE LIVES consistently delivers is a commitment to a message that its not about being true to the game or keeping it real, it’s about being true to yourself. His is the story of anyone struggling with a dream to beat the odds someone whose seen more tragedy than triumph. The ex-stick up kid who has hustled his way out of the inner city to become a college grad and is now wondering how he's going to find a job in the failing economy and earn respect in an industry that anything less than a "money, hoes, and clothes point of view" isn't considered respectable. Which is the harsh reality of anyone who wants the be an original in a world full of renditions. JESSE has honed his witty, yet well-placed and sometimes unorthodox style of lyricism while internalizing a deep affinity for all things artistically creative. 


“A very seasoned artist who is not afraid to be creative! JESSE LIVES is DOPE!” –­­­DJ Supa, Violator All-Star DJ Philadelphia 


In his endless pursuit to evolve his skill, JESSE has been working alongside a brand new cast of tastemakers, producers, and young beatmakers from Kansas City, Chicago, and even Atlanta. JESSE LIVES is redefining the epitome of a modern day Rap artist. JESSE is one of today's fastest growing hip hop artists who has headlined 4 U.S. tours that have all spanned from California to New York. He has also excepted the roll as stylist and brand ambassador for some rising clothing lines Honorable Thievery and OXD. Always willing to offer up a taste, JESSE will be releasing visuals and videos to coincide with released tracks on YouTube and Vevo. This is just the beginning of a series of projects and videos with this team of music makers. JESSE is the byproduct of the ever changing landscape of urban music, with an ambition to push the creative envelopes to help inspire and keep music fresh. In today’s market of what people perceive as Hip-Hop or Rap music, JESSE LIVES is here to give you something different and pivotal.

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